Tay loves Laughing, Adventuring and human rights!


“If the act of fighting back is an act of winning, then making theater in this country is also an act of winning"-Anne Bogart


My mission statement:

I want to Create Thought-Provoking art that encourages Inclusivity, acceptance and self reflection!

I have never understood why the arts programs are always the first thing cut from schools. Growing up, theatre was the only constant thing in my life. This beautiful, ever-evolving art form was where I began to understand my own inner workings and my self-worth, in a world that wasn’t always on my side. With everything that is going on in world, I’ve questioned the validity of this profession countless times. Sitting up at night wondering if I’m doing my best for the world by pursuing my passion for performance. I came to the conclusion that the best way for me to sustain my activism is to do what I love and to use it to encourage and promote social change(while still voting, learning, protesting, educating and spreading the love!).